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USGMI has designed a safety training program with a dual purpose.  The first is to comply with the court rulings regarding the reduction of your liability exposure.  This liability stems from your employee’s, visitors and clients involved in physical confrontations, to include such things as assault, rape, robbery and armed attacks.  Secondly, we provide an educational program for your employees on how to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Developing your plan and program

USGMI Programs are not just a class.  The USGMI Program is an on-going multiple approach program that after extensive research has been designed to address the many areas of threats to your facility. Our goal is to establish emergency preparedness requirements to ensure adequate planning for both natural and man-made disasters, and coordination with federal, state, tribal, regional and local emergency preparedness systems.

It has been determined by industry best practices that the most effective programs entail starting with an “All Hazard’s” risk assessment.  This assessment addresses your total facility and the vulnerabilities that impact your personnel and facility in areas such as natural disasters, man made disasters, workplace violence, internal physical threats, intruder threats, robbery, assaults, and active shooters or attackers.

The USGMI program normally entails a monthly retainer to be determined by the amount of work that your facility requires.  We start with the onsite risk assessment and then the onsite presentation of the findings to your management team or person task with approving the project.

There are several topics that all businesses require such as Workplace Violence, Natural Disaster survival, Armed Assault prevention, Armed assault survival, Office Survival First Aid, Pre-Incident Indicators, Criminal/attacker Motivations, Stalking, Cyber Attacks, and Behavioral Analysis.

The risk assessment will determine the depth and the additional topics that may require addressing such as addressing Snow and Ice Storms, Tornados, Fires, HazMat Incidents, Earthquakes, Mass Evacuation and others depending on your geographical location and risk.

The advantage to the USGMI programs is that they can be sent by email to all of your employees and shared with your staff so that they have a basic awareness prior to the onsite hands on practical training and instruction. 

Most businesses do not have the luxury of being able to train 100% of their staff at one time.  The normal practice is that we come in and teach hands on training and practical exercises depending on the number to be trained over a period of days.  If you have employees on different shifts, we would need to provide training at different times of the day and or night.

There are some physical practical exercises that require one on one training so the number of people that can participate in the practical exercises is limited.  We normally run the classes over a period of a year with the number or classes to be determined by your specific requirements and your requirements will determine the cost.  We come in monthly or quarterly as you request.

We also assist you with any requirements that you may have during that year by providing you with online, webinars or emailed power points for specific topics that may arise requiring information to be provided for your staff such as if a rapist is working your geographical area we would provide you with a assault prevention course.  If you have a cyber-attack, we would provide you with power point or webinar training on Cyber threats etc.

USGMI provides a total safety and security package custom designed to address your specific risk or threats in the most financially practical method to conform to your budget.  While Active Shooters are in news you have a great probability of a spouse entering your facility and attacking someone than a mass shooter.  To provide you with a comprehensive program we address all of the risk that we can determine are at your facility.

There are some training programs that will require hands on and practical exercises such as active shooter/attacker programs and first aid but there are also many topics that can be addressed with programs that can be provided for your staff to review at their convenience. 

The courts have ruled that for your firm no not be liable for “Punitive” Damages you much have 1, Industry Standard Security (Lights and Locks) 2, Briefed your employees in the risk, 3, Trained your employees in how to handle those risk.

In today's world there is no business that could say “We did not think it could happen here”.  Every business must address these risk and protect their employees, staff, clients and visitors.  It has been determined that the best way to lower your employee’s anxiety and fears is to provide them with a plan of action and training to address the plan.

 USGMI has the experience and knowledge to assist you with meeting these requirements while also providing your employees with the tools to make them more productive to your company. Type your paragraph here.


With the alarming number of Active Shooter, Mass Attacks. Rapes, Murders and Robberies, it has become a frightening thing to just visit or live in some cities.  But you do have a choice.  You don’t have to be a victim.  We can advise you in how in most cases, not to get into a situation you cannot get out of.  You can be taught how to fight back intelligently, without submitting from panic and fear.


I     An intruder in your home?

While you are asleep you are approached by intruders.
While sleeping you hear someone in your home.
When returning home, you find your door ajar.

II    Crimes in your Vehicle?

Someone jumps into your car.
Being run off of the road.
Someone attacking you while inside your car.

III  Personal Attacks?

Public streets at night.
Parking garages.
Shopping malls, public buildings and elevators.

IV  Sexual Assault?

Date Rape.
Acquaintance Rape.
Stranger Rape.

V   Confrontations in your business?

Unwanted intruder, (Vandals, Thief, Delinquent, Mentally Unbalanced)
Hostile ex-employee (Armed Attacker, Hostage Situation, Property Damage)
Menacing Customer (Irrational, Threats of Physical Violence)



This class is designed to instruct you to react correctly under the stress of defending yourself against various types of criminals.  Some basic judo and disarming techniques are taught.  The techniques taught in this class were designed for average people to utilize to defend themselves.  They take a minimum amount of strength and practice to obtain maximum results.


Also covered are your legal rights in ownership and transportation of a weapon, as well as the legal limits of your use of force.

Training is conducted by trained professionals with expertise in each area covered.  Classes are organized and planned to enable any participant, regardless of age or size, to master essential skills in a minimum of time.  USGMI has state, federal and industry certified police and security training instructors.


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